Student-run. Founder-friendly. Mentor Driven

Pepper House is a nonprofit alliance of students, faculty, and industry partners accelerating the growth of UCSD’s entrepreneurial network. We, with our partners, fast-track high-impact technologies & sponsor undergraduate entrepreneurs to develop their business ideas and source funding.

UCSD's Entrepreneurial Epicenter

At the Pepper House, startups and future founders participate in programs for a fixed-period of time, and upon graduation, become Pepper House alum, benefiting from continued, but non-priority based, support from Pepper House and its partners. Each program is centered off of the Lean Startup model, emphasizing the importance for early companies to quickly bring a product to the hands of customers and learn to pivot their focus along the way. Those in our programs cycle through intense, immersive ideation and prototyping phases with personalized educational workshops and milestones to better guide them towards success.



With a series of tailored goal-oriented workshops and mini-events put on by partners, mentors, and Pepper House staff, our teams and founders are able to learn the skills they need to create a company.



Pepper House is currently the only incubator at UCSD providing a 24/7 workspace with access to a prototyping facility, a machine shop, meeting rooms, and a work space. Allowing student founders more flexbility with their schedule.



At the end of the programs, each team should come away with a clear understanding of their market, a scalable growth strategy, a refined brand book, and an MVP that embodies the principles of human-centric design.


Strong support

Pepper House's community is made up of over 100 UCSD founders, mentors, advisors, and community representatives always willing to help.


Open to all

Our members take advantage of a unique aggrement with the university that allows for post-doctoral, graduate, and undergraduate students and alumni to retain ownership of their intellectual property while working on campus as part of a Pepper House team.


I've got a startup and would like to apply. How may I do so?
Applications can be found here
I've got a question, what's the best way to reach you?
Emailing us at is the best way to reach us right now.
How can I become a mentor or partner?
Send us a quick email at with subject Mentor or Partner. Thanks :)
Why the name 'Pepper House'?
The second part of our name is a quite obvious fit to our community-centric approach to empowering entreprnurs of all industries and backgrounds. 'Pepper' beacuease we're spicing things up. 🌢🌢🌢

You're in good company

We've gained the support of several partners throughout the UCSD community and are continuing to grow our family with great intutions like yours. 😁